Dermaroller & EDSTM

About Dermaroller & EDSTM

We all have those bugbears that affect our confidence, whether it’s fine lines around the eyes, a dull complexion or maybe acne scars and stretch marks. What we all want is to be able to tackle those issues safely, without too much discomfort or downtime, and without the worry of the results looking unnatural and obvious. Well, with professional skin needling, all of those things are within your reach. The treatment, using the highest quality, clinically proven medical devices, stimulates natural responses within your skin that over time help to regenerate it, leaving you with natural, long-lasting and outstanding results for:

•Photo-damaged and ageing skin

•Facial and décolleté lines and wrinkles

•Acne scarring

•Stretch marks


There are two treatment options for professional skin needling, EDS® Rejuvenate or GD® Rejuvenate. EDS Rejuvenate uses the advanced, medical grade e-DermastampTMdevice to stimulate the epidermis and dermis. This electronically powered device allows us to control the intensity and needle length throughout the procedure to maximise results. EDS Rejuvenate is considered to be a more comfortable treatment than manual skin-needling. GD Rejuvenate uses the same high-quality sterile needles but is performed using the manual Genuine Dermaroller®. Here at Francescas Laser and Skin Clinic we will choose the best treatment for your skin, but rest assured, both treatment devices have been through the strictest quality control system to ensure a safe and thorough procedure. Before your treatment is started your skin may be numbed with topical anaesthetic, so you’ll remain comfortable throughout. The actual treatment will take around 20 minutes depending on the area of skin that’s being treated – overall your appointment is likely to last just one hour. The recommended treatment course is usually three treatments at about six weeks apart.